Cluster meeting for CBHE projects involving partners from BiH

The overall objective of this meeting was to assess the impact of these projects on higher education sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the society at large, as well as to share experiences and provide some recommendations for the future. Project representatives of nine selected projects (2015-2020) were invited to the meeting. However, only eight … Read more

Study visit in Slovenia September 2021

From 21/09/2021 to 24/09/2021 members of the team of the PARTISH project have visited Maribor, Bled, and Ljubljana. During this study visit, colleagues from Bosnia and Herzegovina had the opportunity to get acquainted with short study programs and part-time studies in one of the EU countries. The study visit lasted 4 days during which team … Read more

Local project meeting – project PARTISH – Zenica, BiH 2-4 September 2021

The University of Zenica hosted a meeting within the Capacity Building Erasmus + project PARTISH (Development of part-time and short cycle studies in higher education in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Project number 617421-EPP-1-2020-1-RS-EPPKA2-CBHE-SP) on September 3rd and 4th 2021. The topic of the meeting was the analysis of needs for short programs as well possibilities of defining … Read more