BIH give high priority to build programmes for lifelong learning at all HEIs, according to their Priorities of Higher Education Development for 2016 – 2026 in BiH. To make lifelong learning operational for all, countries will need to make major reforms of their educational systems. Educational schemes for people should integrate education with workplace learning, as a possibility to make education available for all groups of people. Training systems need to become more flexible and responsive to rapidly changing skill requirements and labour demands. One possibility at the level of university studies are part-time (PT) and short cycle (CSHE) studies. At this moment, no SCHE have yet been accredited in the education system of BH (Overview of the Higher Education System – Bosnia and Herzegovina 2017).

The main aim of the project is to improve university studies and lifelong learning orientation in Bosnia and Herzegovina through the development of part-time and short cycle studies and development of legal framework for introduction of this type of studies in order to support different needs and interests of students, companies, higher education institutions (HEIs) in different cantons/entities of BIH and to provide recommendations to HEIs for implementation of part time and short cycle studies in the entire BIH.

Project outcomes will contribute to accomplishment goals, such as widening access to HE education, and making HE more relevant and adaptable to the labour market.