Report on the webinar held within the project TABLE – General Education Activity in BiH.

Members of the project team of the University of Mostar on June 24, 2022 participated in the webinar “On university autonomy and new forms of higher education” as part of the project TABLA – General Education Activity.The overall purpose of TABLA (September 2019 – September 2022) is to improve students’ outcomes in critical thinking and STEM subjects. The project is supported by USAID and implemented by STC, in partnership with the National Education Institute Slovenia (NEIS), Foundation for Education in Action in BiH (FEiA), and Mreža za izgradnju mira (MZIM).TABLA project activities are divided into four main project components:• Project component 1 (PC 1): initial education / pre-service• Project component 2 (PC 2): professional development of teachers at work• Project component 3 (PC 3): creating a stimulating environment for learning and working• Project component 4 (PC 4): encouraging dialogue on education reforms.In PC 1, five webinars were organized for university teachers on general topics in the field of higher education, which are not directly related to initial teacher education, with the last webinar on “University autonomy and new forms of higher education” having the following program:• University autonomy (lecturer: Lamija Tanović)• New forms of higher education: Dual education in higher education (lecturer: Luciana Boban)• New forms of higher education: Short cycle (lecturer: Luciana Boban)• New forms of higher education: Joint Degrees (lecturers: Emina Dedić Bukvić i Lamija Tanović).Luciana Boban, a member of the project team of the University of Mostar, presented the results of the PARTISH project and the activities undertaken at the University of Mostar, while other members of the project team from the University of Mostar actively participated in the discussions after the lecture. Teachers from all public higher education institutions in BiH were invited to the webinar.This presentation and the ensuing discussion contributed to the dissemination and exploitation of project results (PARTISH, WP6) through raising awareness of part-time studies and short cycles in higher education (PARTISH, activity 6.3).Attached to this Report is an invitation to the webinar, the agenda and images from the webinar.