Study visit in Slovenia September 2021

From 21/09/2021 to 24/09/2021 members of the team of the PARTISH project have visited Maribor, Bled, and Ljubljana. During this study visit, colleagues from Bosnia and Herzegovina had the opportunity to get acquainted with short study programs and part-time studies in one of the EU countries. The study visit lasted 4 days during which team members visited various colleges and schools in three cities in Slovenia, i.e. Maribor, Bled, and Ljubljana, which have successfully implemented short cycles, and during a series of training organized by team members from the program countries (Slovenia, Serbia, Estonia) and regulatory bodies for higher education in Slovenia, learned how such forms of study work in other countries and how they are regulated by law.

The visit was of great importance for the realization of project tasks related to the development of the regulatory framework for short cycles and part-time studies in BiH (WP2), which is one of the most important deliverables in PARTISH project. 

The second Steering Committee was organized during the visit, too.