Cluster meeting for CBHE projects involving partners from BiH

The overall objective of this meeting was to assess the impact of these projects on higher education sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the society at large, as well as to share experiences and provide some recommendations for the future.

Project representatives of nine selected projects (2015-2020) were invited to the meeting. However, only eight of them confirmed their participation.

It was an Online meeting via Zoom gathering 20 participants in total, including: 12 representatives of eight Erasmus+ CBHE projects (5 finalized projects and 3 still under implementation), 4 representatives of ministries (at the state, entity, and cantonal level), 1 agency at the state level, 1 representative of the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA), 5 HERE Team BiH representatives, 2 representatives of the National Erasmus+ Office in BiH (NEO). Online Cluster meeting on Inclusion and Diversity was held on November 29 2021. The coordinator of the PARTISH project, professor Nemanja Berber presented PARTISH project achievements and discussed potential obstacles and good sides of the project, and how the team would work on them.

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