Srpska Ministry of Scientific and Technological Development, Higher Education and Information Society

MNRVOID directs, supervises, encourages and advocates the development of the scientific-research, educational and technological-developmental sectors, which are the basis of the social-economic and human progress and factors of the development of the whole society based on the knowledge in the Republic of Srpska. Ministry of Science and Technology performs administrative and other professional duties which refer to:

  • Science-research activities; strategy of the technological development of the Republic of Srpska;
  • Stimulation of the fundamental development applied research;
  • Development of the local investment technologies in the personnel and research;
  • Innovations, development and upgrading of technology;
  • Informing about the economic and technological development;
  • Concession and procurement of the material rights and technologies;
  • Planning;
  • Development of programs and agreements on the scientific-technological cooperation in accordance with the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  • Monitoring of the named sectors;
  • Provision of information via media about Ministry‚Äôs activities;
  • Other duties in accordance with the law and other by-laws of the Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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