Univesity of Sarajevo

UNSA is the place where people meet, interact, complement and develop aspirations, ideas, culture and excellence, creating a strong cohesive force that connects the whole region and B&H. UNSA promotes freedom, openness, involvement, autonomy, responsibility, as well as diversity of ideas, creativity co-operation and modernization processes to become an academic community, intellectually and socially responsible. In this way, UNSA profiles as a proactive, reliable, recognized, attractive partner and a productive and creative member of the regional, EU and global academic community. Using its solid reputation, long-standing experience and tradition, UNSA creates an inspiring, inclusive and attractive environment for learning, teaching, research and artwork. It enables students, researchers and teachers, as well as other stake-holders to critically promote and understand the dynamics of global and local socio-economic, technological and political processes/problems, offering sustainable and innovative solutions for improving the quality of life for all. With 28,000 students and over 3,000 academic and administrative staff members, this environment – a progressive, dynamic and co-operative culture – is attractive to everyone and enables the building of a strong international network that strengthens the development of human resources and infrastructure for internationalization and modernization, providing an effective representation of UNSA’s achievement, quality and reliability.

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