University of Zenica

The University of Zenica is one of eight public universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina and it consists of eight faculties with 26 fields of undergraduate studies, 24 fields of master studies and 19 fields of pre-Bologna postgraduate studies. In the academic year 2015/16 the University started offering the doctoral studies at the Faculty of Law.

From the beginning, the University based its development on the principles of the Bologna Declaration. The aim was to make the educational process at the University recognizable for its excellence at local, national as well as at the international level.

In the past fifteen years, through the support to the development of quality assurance principles, the University of Zenica took one of the leading positions among higher education institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is constantly confirmed through the students’ successes, internal and external evaluations, accreditation procedures, being the generator of development in every sense, including scientific and teaching, technical and technological, economical, artistic, and humanistic sense; thus being the initiator of the development of social and spiritual development of the city of Zenica and the wider community.

Ever since its establishment, the international cooperation has been one of the strategic goals in the development and created the opportunity for more efficient research work, scientific and expert information exchange, but it also created an opportunity for young ambitious teaching assistants to spend a part of their career and professional education at prestigious foreign institutions where they can conduct research. This enabled a large number of professors and teaching associates to spend a part of their career at partner institutions, and some of them were awarded scientific titles.

In the previous years of opportunity to apply for the EU projects the UNZE has been recognized as one of the region leaders in the project activity with Tempus, IPA, FP 7 and other projects. Through these projects the University developed its own system, provided support for strengthening its capacity, built the quality assurance system and improved the cooperation with the business world.

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