University of Mostar

University of Mostar (SUM) is a public institution of higher education and a scientific research whose primary activity is education, scientific and artistic research. University consists of 10 faculties, one academy and 9 institutes. The University has around 12000 students, 1000 teachers and 190 administration staff and includes Student Centre, University Library and The Student Council. SUM has successfully participated in international educational projects as a partner and project coordinator. (TEMPUS, ERASMUS,IPA,INTERREG and others).

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Computing and Electrical Engineering is department of the University whose primary activity is the education and training of mechanical engineers, computing science engineers, and electrical engineers. Through its work, Faculty tries to connect the education of the students with real needs of the labor market. Faculty is one of the “Economic council” founders, which is the organization that involves entrepreneurs and gives advices how to adapt curriculums for improving the internships with needs of the SME. The faculty is also one of the founders of Metal and Plastic Cluster along with the most developed export-oriented companies in BiH. Aware of the fact that system of education is connected with technological progress, Faculty started a study program of electrical engineering in 2016/17. The Faculty also participates in several international projects (INTERREG, TEMPUS, EU Prolocal..) and has strong cooperation with local industrial partners through student practical work in last semester of Master studies and relation of projects. Trough Eu Prolocal project, Faculty establishment a Learning Factory which simulates conditions of the real factory (as much as it is possible). In Learning Factory students gain practical knowledge in the designing, production, assembly and packaging process. Learning Factory will contribute to harmonize the curriculums with the real needs of the labor market.

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